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Hungarian Innovation TechShow & Central European Startup Awards To Be Held Together

The Hungarian Innovation TechShow is Hungary’s top-tier exhibition of ICT innovation, each year showcasing the country’s latest and most promising digital products … Continue reading

International Geek-Together – Ride the Danube special edition

Join the international geek community of Budapest for a boat ride on river Danube – no keynotes, no roll-ups, only … Continue reading

A look back at this year’s TechShow

3D-printed Yoda heads kept staring at each other, visitors were trying on clothes in front of a virtual mirror, one of the creators of the mobile phone and the developer of a front-runner post-wifi wireless technology gave talks, and specialists from leading Hungarian tech startups shared their experience with the audience. The jury’s prize was awarded to an e-commerce application, ShopDash, whose developers won a unique opportunity to consult with one of the genuine superstars of the Silicon Valley tech scene. Continue reading

Hungary’s most innovative IT projects of 2013 announced

The winners of the Fifth Hungarian Innovation TechShow have been selected. The awards of one of Hungary’s leading technology events were given to ShopDash, Cubilog, iParking, and Fitnect-3D Virtual Mirror. The contest aside, the event offered a special opportunity for all exhibitors, as the audience included a number of highfliers from the local startup and investor scene and several international gurus, among them Jesse Russell, a key innovator of wireless technologies and Ali Sadri, a director at Intel in charge of 5G technologies. Continue reading

Bubi pedaling into the home straight

At the end of the summer, the Budapest Center for Public Transportation (BKK) signed a contract with T-Systems Hungary to … Continue reading

Magyar Telekom deploys Appear TV head ends

Appear TV, a global provider of next-generation head-ends for broadcast and IP television, has announced that Magyar Telekom, whose major owner is Deutsche Telekom, has selected Appear TV head ends to maximise the efficiency, flexibility and cost-savings generated by centralising control of its cable infrastructure for its T-Home cable offering. Continue reading

Telekom launches AppKreator service for SMEs

Magyar Telekom launched AppKreator, a cloud-based service that lets micro companies and SMEs create an interactive, personalised mobile application for any type of business in a few steps. The service, introduced with the contribution of Magyar Telekom and Attrecto, is available at a monthly fee, similarly to telecommunication and IT services. As it operates in the browser of a computer, smartphone or tablet, it does not require an installation and can be used from anywhere. Continue reading

The road to iCatapult technology accelerator

We are proud to announce iCatapult.co — the new technology and business development accelerator, co-founded by Digital Natives and Primus Capital. The aim of this firm is to gather the best talents and product ideas and help them grow as fast as possible in the global market. Article by Kristóf Bárdos (Digital Natives). Continue reading