What we do?

MMCluster’s activities are coordinated, and its goals and mission realized by the Mobility and Multimedia Cluster Coordination Office (MMOffice or MMO), MMCluster’s management organization. The MMOffice regards as its main task the building and continuous nurturing of the genuine business community that has come to exist among the members of MMCluster in the past years. We strive to help our members utilize the benefits that this community can bring to them and promote the values that such a community creates.

MMO’s wide range of activities include (i) the organization of networking events, thematic workshops, and future-oriented exhibitions, (ii) catalyzing joint R&D projects and helping raise funds for their implementation from private investors and national/European grants, and (iii) contributing in a variety of ways to our cluster members’ success in developing their businesses. We would like to hope that through helping our members in creating connections and honing their entrepreneurial capacities, cooperative skills, and market readiness, on a broader horizon, we do a useful service for the Hungarian innovation ecosystem as a whole.

MMOffice is the proud organizer of the Hungarian Innovation TechShow (HITS), MMCluster’s annual big event, each year showcasing the country’s latest and most promising digital products through live interactive demos to an audience of professionals, investors, and the general public.

We are also proud to be part of various international projects. Presently, the MMOffice is coordinator and project manager of two European AAL projects, and a consortial partner in a Leonardo da Vinci project.