The Hungarian Mobility and Multimedia Cluster (MMCluster) was formed in 2007 with the  purpose of bringing together the most dynamic actors in the field of mobile technology and new media in Central Hungary, mix and match their R&D and innovation capacities, and help the fruits of their cooperation succeed on the market. Our main objective is to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in our focus areas – primarily but not exclusively mobile technologies and new media – and help our members’ world-class products thrive on the domestic and global markets.

By today, MMCluster has grown to be one of Hungary’s most significant institutions in the digital industry. With close to 70 members, we bring together innovation- oriented SME’s, the local branches of multinational ICT companies, prominent research universities, young startup companies with outstanding promise, venture capital funds active in the digital industry, and companies offering project management, grant writing, and consultancy services. MMCluster is an open organization – new members can join through a multistage process devised to assess the new applicants’ innovation potentials and their openness to cooperation in business.

Although our members are active primarily in the Central Hungary region, we constantly look beyond our region, setting much store by building strong and lasting relationships to Hungarian and international fellow business clusters, companies, NGOs, and government agencies with whom we can partner for achieving our main goals: (i) to promote the competitiveness and business interests of our members, (ii) to support the research, development, and propagation of the latest info-communications technologies, and (iii) to strengthen and invigorate the Hungarian innovation ecosystem.